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Why Campus-Wide Online Training? Instructor and Researcher Benefits: Instructors can bring industry-standard tools to the classroom with the help of courses designed by experts.

Instructors can focus on teaching the subject matter, rather than the software. In-depth courses teach skills that can help give new researchers a head start. Student Benefits: Introductory and in-depth tutorials prepare students for their classes. Hands-on problems and examples teach students interactively. Shareable course certificates let students show professors or highlight resumes. Biscari, Politecnico di Milano. Available Courses. Introduction to Linear Algebra. Paolo Biscari, Politecnico di Milano. The Unbeatable Mind experiences have been revamped to dovetail with the online academy as well.

Find out more at unbeatablemind. It actually does a better job of giving you the focus you need, without the jitters or crash. Go to their site at mudwtr. Today, he talks to Mark about the formula for happiness. Success comes from happiness. The code also works for their less expensive product Qualia Focus which blends greater affordability with nearly as many benefits.

Thanks so much for your attention today.


I appreciate you coming back to listen to what we have to say. And you know how to get back up when you fall down, fall down seven times. Get up eight. Before I get started. You know, let me take care of the usual stuff. All right, so thanks for that. And it all started with the Foundation course, which I developed in Now I often tell this story to my, you know, my trainees that I had 30 days and I was the head coach and we were training for 15 hours a day. And so it was fairly easy for me to come up with the whole SEALFIT training model and teach them how to, you know, use physical exercise and movement to be, you know, physically and mentally tough.

But what, you know, then that filled up maybe seven of the hours. So, what was I going to do with the other eight hours? And so, over time I developed the whole Unbeatable Mind curriculum, which was to literally train the mental, emotional, intuitional and Kokoro or whole mind aspects of the operators. And so, I built the online course called the Unbeatable Mind Foundations course. All new content, written content.

I literally wrote an entire book for it. You can do it over 12 months or you can enroll in the whole, you know, basically purchase the whole thing up front and work your way through it at your own pace. It is a total life transformation. All right, enough on that. Unbeatable Mind. Check it out and unbeatablemind. I mean, who knew there was an institute for Global Happiness? And gosh, got to start working at Walmart. How interesting.

Welcome to Unbeatable Mind. Thanks for being here. Appreciate it.


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So how did you, you know, was Walmart like the happiest place you ever worked, Neil? Neil: Well, the link there was actually, you know, you mentioned… So first of all, thank you for having me Mark. I appreciate being on. I was in my first couple of weeks, at school and I was lucky enough to have lunch with the dean.

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Cause I got like this financial aid thing and so I had this lunch with the old dean of Harvard. And we are all lining up to kind of be just like them. So every night where like hobnobbing. That was a first year. My first year at Harvard business school. You got this fence in front of you and on the beach or like 10 bathing beauties. And not only that, but even if you land one, what are you going to be doing? Neil: Well, there you go.

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The down on the luck company, the bankrupt company. The people wrestling with something. They want your opinion in meetings, they are willing to promote you to jobs of a wider kind of leadership opportunity. But I came home, I never went to another job or recruiting session at Harvard business school campus ever again. Literally after that lunch. I made a spreadsheet of companies that I was intrigued by, but which for whatever reason did not recruit at Harvard. Like, when I say that, I mean a hundred cold calls. Neil: No, I did not fly to Bentonville, Arkansas, and knock on the head office door.

I got like 50 responses. I got like 25 phone calls. I got like ten first round interviews, which they would have called like a coffee or a lunch and I called in my head like I got to impress them. And I got like five job offers. And so accepted Walmart because in my mind Mark, they had the most people in the whole world, 2.

And what I was interested in is developing leaders. I was director of leadership development there and sure enough….

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Neil: no, that was my last job there. I was a manager of leadership development.

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I got there, I started as a manager and then I did a couple of the roles in human resources, running up learning and development. And then I went to go work for a CEO inside the company as his assistant or chief of staff writing speeches and traveling with him and so on. And then I came back out and I was director of leadership development. So I was director of leadership development for like my last two of the 10 years.